Plant Hacks - Taking Care of Poinsettias

Hello, Everyone.  First, thanks to all for spreading the word about our Kickstarter effort.  We have been building support each day through "likes", "pins" and posts. Thank you. We are on our way.

Next, I appreciate your comments regarding the poinsettia wall planter display I posted earlier on FB.  As for those who asked specific questions regarding their care, sorry I was unable to provide a more complete answer. With questions myself, I found this brief post on how to take care of poinsettias. See  I will pass along more helpful "plant hacks" on this blog in the future.

As for the picture, it is of poinsettias we put into a built-in planter box we have in our bathroom.  When we remodeled our bathroom we designed a planter box into the wall. The tilers made it perfect.

Thank you again for your support.

Happy Holidays,



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