Bringing Light to Indoor Plants


Hello, Everyone. Thanks again to all for spreading the word about our Kickstarter effort. We have been building support each day through "likes", "pins" and posts. Thank you.

Recently, I was asked how to bring plants and "sunlight" to places in our homes or offices that receive little natural light.  The easiest way to provide the spectrum of light to help the growth of indoor plants is with agricultural (agro) plant lights.  These inexpensive lights can be purchased in any home improvement store.  Most bulbs fit (see picture) in common overhead fixtures and lamps. Despite the blue tint, the lights produce a soft white light and are nearly comparable in their energy-efficiency and cost.

As for how they work, I have used these exact lights for indoor installations.  For example, in the picture above of an installation in a mall store with no natural light, I installed three 120W agro plant flood lights. I used one bulb per wall to provide sufficient light to the 72 plants on each panel.  However, a single 60W bulb or spotlight would provide sufficient light for one of our smaller wall planters, if needed.  The plant wall above that had been recently planted began to fully bloom after only 1 day under the lights.  The bulbs were installed in a common track lighting fixture.  

I hope this information is helpful. Thank you again for your support.

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