New Living Wall Planters - Gardens on your Walls on Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter project is now live.  Here's a link to our site  We are excited about the new products and accessories.  We believe we've made it even easier for anyone to grow their own greens.  Having fresh, nutritious greens on hand is now simple.

Please share our link if you can.  Our mission grows the more connections we make.  Also, you can connect with us on or on Twitter @plantaireco.  Thank you for visiting our site.


Re-launching Wall Planter Project on Kickstarter

Hello, everyone.  I am happy to say we are preparing to re-launch our wall planter project on Kickstarter.  After a few weeks in the workshop and an opportunity to evaluate the feedback we received from backers and potential backers from our previous effort, we are returning with an improved project and renewed effort.

First, we are pleased to announce that we will re-launch with a second smaller wall planter (living wall) in additional to the medium size cabinet we previously made available. It's the same design only smaller - a petite garden not much bigger than a 8" x 10" picture frame for four plants. 

Next, we will offer the wall planters at slightly lower reward amounts as result of savings from a new production agreement.  We have also made some changes regarding shipping to further lower costs.

Our goal is to be live on Kickstarter within a few weeks - in time for the springtime gardening season. We look forward to reconnecting with everyone and hope to have your support.

Thank you for your interest in our project.


Easy to Grow Herbs in your Kitchen


Hello, everyone.  As Spring approaches, I thought I would pass along a follow up post regarding growing herbs.  If cooking more homemade meals with fresher ingredients is on your New Year resolutions list, you may find this article helpful.  Here is a link with information on easy herbs to grow and how. The article is full of details from seeds to choose, containers to use, etc. Whether you are an experienced gardener or the least of green thumbs, give it a try and spice up your homemade cooking creations.


Tips for growing herbs inside

 Here's a short blog post with tips for growing an indoor herb garden.  Great tips for growing plants from seeds or simply transplanting potted herbs found in most grocery and home improvement stores.  Here is a link:



Greenhouse in Office Building Purifies the Air with Houseplants

Happy New Year to all.  We wish everyone a great year.  I want to share an interesting article in National Geographic that appeared over the holidays. The article details how several varieties of plants are used to purify the air in an office buildings in New Delhi, India - among the cities in the world with the poorest air quality.  Here's a link: