Collection: Seeds

Introducing our remarkable seeds and hassle-free one-time grow solution! Our seeds are expertly embedded in water-soluble sticker paper, which ingeniously dissolves to form a nurturing cocoon around each seed. This process ensures optimal growth conditions and results in a robust microgreen, ready for your kitchen adventures. As the seed sprouts, it seamlessly integrates into our firm, yet gentle jute grow medium, ensuring strong and healthy growth. All our microgreens are organic, delivering not only the joy of growing your own food, but also the guarantee of a pure, untainted harvest. They are an excellent addition to a variety of dishes. Think garnishing your avocado toast for a fresh twist, incorporating them into a vibrant salad for an extra nutrient punch, or even blending them into your morning smoothie for an invigorating start to your day. The possibilities with our microgreens are only limited by your culinary imagination!